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Clotheslines blow through culture again

The pros and cons of clotheslines

Which side of the clothesline are you on? Is outdoor drying a blight or a delight? Here are arguments for and against the lowly clothesline:

PROS Line drying costs nothing once you purchase lines, a rack and pins. It's estimated homeowners can save about $100 in energy costs per year by using a clothesline instead of a dryer. Clothes off the line have a clean, fresh scent. Line drying eliminates the need for dryer sheets and fabric softeners, which contain perfumes, dyes and other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in chemically sensitive individuals. Clothes last longer. Tumbling around in a dryer breaks down fibers and causes clothes to wear much more quickly. Sunlight bleaches and disinfects clothing. Hanging clothes is a way to get moderate exercise while enjoying the fresh air. Failing to regularly clean out vents and lint traps can lead to dryer fires. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that dryer fires cause $99 million annually in damage.

CONS Perception that clotheslines devalue a neighborhood. Some zoning regulations and community covenants prohibit exterior clotheslines. Weather and time of day are limiting factors. Freezing temperatures, rain and short days can preclude clothesline drying. It takes more time to hang clothes than it does to pop them in a dryer. There are more effective means of protecting the environment "Anadrol 50" hybrid cars, recycling and fluorescent lights. Some experts say line Testosterone Cypionate Injection Youtube drying produces only a trivial reduction in power usage. People don't want to look at their neighbors' intimate clothing. Clothes hung on balconies can fall off onto other balconies or streets.

Julie YoungThe simple, nostalgic act of hanging clothes outside to dry, regaining popularity as an eco friendly act, has become "Anadrol 50" a full blown political flap.

On one side of the line, proponents of the right to dry movement say clotheslines are a green alternative to dryers, which are second only to refrigerators and air Buy Kamagra conditioners as the top energy consumers in most homes.

"I call my clothesline my solar dryer," said Lisa Taranto, a green activist and director of the community Tricycle Gardens, who hangs laundry outside her East Broad Street home.

Opponents, however, see clotheslines as flags of poverty that create eyesores and devalue property.

"They're unsightly by most people's standards," said Jeanne Bridgforth, a Realtor with Long Foster in Richmond. "It gives an atmosphere of decline. You don't sense you're in a well heeled neighborhood when you see people hanging their laundry out to dry."

Planned communities and condos frequently have covenants that ban or restrict the use of clotheslines. In the Richmond area, restrictions vary from all out prohibition, as in Charles Glen in Henrico County, to restricted use, as in Chesterfield County's venerable Woodlake and Brandermill subdivisions.

"We do allow portable devices [drying racks], just not permanent ones," said Brian Hoyle, community standards manager for Woodlake, where racks must be brought inside once the laundry is dry.

With more than 300,000 community associations across the country, promoting clothesline use has been an uphill task for Alexander Lee, founder of the nonprofit Project Laundry List, which he started 11 years ago as a Middlebury College student.

"I frankly feel that [calling clotheslines eyesores] is a selffulfilling prophecy and we need to stop talking about it as . . . something that's ugly," Lee said.

The clothesline issue is being wrung out nationwide in legislatures, community associations and online. A group called Right2Dry is urging the Obama family to hang their clothes on the White House lawn to promote line drying.

During the last Virginia General Assembly session, Sen. Linda T.

The Trembolona O Masteron bill, which would have gone into effect next Wednesday, would not have been retroactive but would have applied only to new covenants. It passed "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" the Senate 40 0 but died in the House of Delegates 60 40.

Puller said she hasn't decided if she'll reintroduce the bill next session.

This month, similar legislation became law in Vermont. Clothesline bills are in various stages of debate in about a Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm dozen other states.

Slur aside, the eyesore question is at the core of most opposition.

Lee said he understands the aesthetic mores. "What's uglier water lapping at our front doors from global warming or somebody with a drying Beställa Kamagra Billigt rack on their deck?" asked Lee, who has a network of clothesline activists across the country.

Bridgforth recently showed a beautifully restored historic property on Church Hill that was listed in the $700,000 price range. "I had such a hard time selling it because the people next door always had laundry hanging from their second story back porch," she said. "It was just an eyesore." The house went to foreclosure and eventually to auction, Bridgforth thinks, because of the negative appearance around the house. With the green movement, clotheslines are coming back, Bridgforth said.

But homeowners using clotheslines face threatening letters and potential fines from their community associations. Clotheslines also can create tension between neighbors.

How can the issue be resolved?

"Finding a middle ground is going to be pretty darn hard," Bridgforth said.

Residents should consider their neighbors' view when erecting a drying device or maybe do their drying on indoor racks or lines.

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