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We continue to develop our services with patient satisfaction in mind, and aim to leave each and every visitor of Smile Dental Implants delighted with the results of their treatment.

Hear it from the mouths of our happy patients...

"The implant I had with Arrif was excellent. The surgery was not as bad as I anticipated. It was fairly quick and easy. I was constantly reassured, and the experience was hardly more than a normal visit to a dentist. I had to wait for two months for the implants to bond in place, but everything healed well, and the second visit secured my new tooth. I am so delighted, I'd like to have them all done!" – Mr S, Putney

"My course of treatment at Smile Dental Implants went really well. I was so pleased that I was able to have implants, which were a better alternative to my existing bridge. I must admit, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive prior to the course. However, from the time I had my first consultation, I always felt "in the safe hands of experts". The outcome of the treatment was far better than I thought possible, and I am so pleased with the end result. Thank you!" – Mrs C, Manchester

"I am very pleased to report that neither during nor since the implant surgery on Thursday afternoon have I felt any pain or any adverse effects. My husband was intending to pick me up after the surgery but I felt well enough to walk home and that is what I did. Even though I was feeling no pain, I took painkillers until Friday morning but then stopped because they were upsetting my stomach. After stopping, I still felt no pain and I went to work on Friday. I have suffered no bruising. I have only minimal externally visible swelling around my jawline. Inside my mouth I can feel with my tongue that the gum around the implant surgery is soft and swollen but nothing unexpected. So thank you. You have obviously done a brilliant job." – Mrs A, London

"The procedure was well explained throughout the treatment. It was painless and I felt at ease at all times." – Miss M, Wimbledon

"I found there was nothing at all to worry about. I was a little nervous, but the staff were really good and looked after me the whole time I was there." – Mrs P, Wandsworth

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