Composite bonding

Issues with your teeth, however minor, can leave you feeling worried about your smile. Composite bonding is a minimally invasive and quick procedure to correct teeth imperfections. This restorative and affordable procedure can treat cracked, stained, or chipped teeth and offers natural-looking results. This means that we can restore smiles effectively with zero downtime.

The increasingly popular technique involves applying a thin layer of dental resin, tailored to match your individual tooth colour, directly to the tooth to restore its appearance. The number of teeth you wish to treat will depend on your cosmetic goals. It is simple and does not require drilling or surgery, so it is a cost-effective way of achieving a refreshed look for your teeth.

Is composite bonding suitable for me?

Composite bonding applies thin layers of composite resin to restore teeth. It might be suitable if you have gaps and spaces, shape problems, fractures or cracks, chips, discolouration across the surface of a tooth, or decay.

The industry has moved towards less invasive procedures that produce fast results, and composite bonding fits the bill. A minor change to one tooth can make a difference.

What are the benefits of composite bonding?

There are many advantages to composite bonding.

  • Restoration of the tooth’s natural shape
  • A healthy and more confident smile
  • No drilling is needed, and therefore, no injections are required
  • Most cases can be completed with one appointment
  • A fast and safe treatment, which is quicker than other teeth straightening options
  • Can be less expensive than alternative options

What can you expect from composite bonding?

We will book a free and no-obligation consultation, and you can tell us more about what you are hoping for from your teeth. Then, we will look carefully at the tooth or teeth in question and plan how to restore it with composite bonding. All treatments are personally tailored, and we will select the optimum shade of resin for your smile.

We will clean the tooth and prepare it for the bonding process. First, the surface of the tooth will be roughened before a bonding agent is applied to ensure the resin sticks. We will then apply the resin in stages shaping the tooth carefully with expert precision and care. This allows for a highly accurate result.

The composite will then harden under a high-intensity UV light, and we will make any final adjustments, such as trimming or polishing. You can resume your normal activities immediately and enjoy your new smile.

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