This 60-year-old gentleman sought our expertise at Smile Dental Implants in Surrey due to dissatisfaction with his ill-fitting dentures and desired a permanent solution for his missing teeth.

Upon his initial visit, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation and determined that the best course of action involved removal of the remaining failing upper teeth and placement of 6 dental implants to hold a functional and cosmetically appealing Zirconia bridge. As the patient had no bone available in his upper molar region we started by strategically placing four dental implants from premolar to premolar. Utilising these implants, we crafted a temporary upper bridge on the same day, a process commonly known as ‘Teeth in a Day.’

To facilitate the placement of dental implants in the molar regions, a sinus graft procedure was deemed necessary on both sides. The sinus graft typically requires up to six months to mature before it can be used to support dental implants.

Following the maturation of the sinus graft, the molar implants were surgically placed, culminating in the final placement of a durable full Zirconia bridge after an additional four months.

The comprehensive treatment spanned approximately one year due to the sinus graft procedure. However, the immediate provision of a functional temporary bridge on the front implants from the outset was greatly valued by our patient.


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