Invisalign – the discreet brace system

Worried about mis-aligned teeth and looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces but want to avoid surgery?

Then why not try out amazing Invisalign, the incredible state of the art brace system that really can improve your smile in 3 months.

How does Invisalign work?

A series of clear aligners are individually tailored and placed over the teeth. These are worn for 7-14 days and then, a new set of aligners are worn. It is this changing of aligners that helps encourage the teeth to be gently moved into their desired position.

The aligners are intended to be worn all day, and are only to be removed for eating, consuming hot or sweet things and of course, brushing your teeth!

The principle is the same as traditional wired-braces but without the visible changes that most patients are fearful of.

How long will it take to see improvements

The time it takes to align your teeth does vary from patient to patient and the severity of the positioning of the teeth, but, we will guide you through the stages and provide a more detailed plan once you have had your initial consultation.

Who can have Invisalign?

The real advantage of the way Invisalign works compared to more traditional ‘train-track’ braces is that the amount of dental procedure is reduced to a minimum and therefore it makes it suitable for a much wider range of patients. Covering both young and old and also, nervous patients too!

How much does Invisalign cost?

As the length of treatment varies, based on each individual patient’s needs, the cost is also very tailored. The first step is always to have an initial consultation as this will allow us to assess your unique requirements and work out a suitable treatment plan.

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