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Are you concerned about misaligned teeth or looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces? Why not try Invisalign, the incredible state-of-the-art invisible brace system that can improve your smile in as little as three months? Effective, discreet, and comfortable, no one will even know you are wearing braces provided by our team of dental experts.

This is a fantastic way to straighten your smile with minimal impact on your day-to-day life, and this style of brace is often the first choice for professionals looking to boost their confidence with a straighter smile. The technology behind Invisalign is highly advanced, and we can provide you with a personalised Invisalign treatment plan.

Our Invisalign packages start from £2000, to enquire about an Invisalign consultation please follow the link below…

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How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is the world’s leading transparent aligner brace system. It offers a series of clear, removable aligners that are individually tailored and placed over the top and/or bottom sets of teeth. Each aligner is worn for 14 days and then replaced by the next aligner. This gently moves the teeth into their desired position.

The aligners are designed to be worn all day and are only removed for eating, consuming hot or sweet things, and teeth brushing. The principle is the same as traditional hard-wired braces but offers an invisible solution. It may also offer a reduced treatment time, depending on the individual case.

The exact time it takes to see results will vary from patient to patient, and the severity of malalignment of the teeth. However, we can guide you through the stages and provide a more detailed plan following your consultation.

Meet Dr Vivek Shah

Your Invisalign Platinum Provider in Worcester Park

Dr Shah has over 10 years experience in dentistry and has the highly sought after accolade of being an Invisalign Platinum Provider having straightened the teeth of over 120 patients using the Invisalign clear aligner system.

Who can have Invisalign?

Invisalign offers an innovative approach to straightening teeth and can be used for all types of cases, from simple to complex. Invisalign can address misalignment, overly crowded teeth, and gaps.

The real advantage of the way Invisalign works compared to more traditional train track braces is the amount of dental procedures is reduced to a minimum, and therefore it makes it suitable for a much wider range of patients. This covers young and old – and nervous patients too!

  • Nearly invisible
  • Clear and discreet
  • Removable for brushing and eating
  • Custom-made for you and comfortable with no sharp brackets or wires
  • Proven results
  • Effective for a variety of cases

How can I get Invisalign?

The first step is to have an initial consultation, which will allow us to assess your unique requirements and work out a suitable treatment plan for you. We will start by collecting information from you, including taking photographs and digital scans of your teeth.

We then use special 3D technology to show you how your teeth could move and look at the end of any treatment plan.

The length of each treatment will vary based on the individual patient’s needs, so the cost of treatment will depend on the complexity and duration of your case. Most cases will be completed in six to 12 months. Aligners only work when you wear them, so we recommend keeping them in place from 22 to 24 hours a day. After an initial consultation, we can discuss the cost of the treatment with you.

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Our invisalign providers will give you the best advice available for straightening your teeth and improving your smile. We love to see the impressive results that Invisalign offers our patients and the huge smile when you complete your invisalign treatment.

So let our friendly team help you achieve the results you want and put that smile on your face!

Packages start from £2000
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