Smile Dental Implants Prices

Smile Dental Implants is thrilled to offer you a quality service at a reasonable cost. When you choose us for your dental implants, you’ll sleep soundly at night knowing that we’ve used the very best products and teeth implant techniques available on the market.

How do we ensure our prices remain low?

We’ve established a winning formula, which allows us to offer exceptional procedures at very affordable prices. How do we achieve this? Quite simply, we…

  1. Take care of you from start to finish.
  2. Keep our costs down by passing practice savings on to our patients, and buying our specialist products in bulk.
  3. Use quality implants.

With Smile Dental Implants, there’s no need to travel further afield…

You’ve undoubtedly heard horror stories about botched cosmetic procedures in far away climbs. As ill-fated patients look to minimise their medical bill, they’re putting their appearance and their health at risk. You’ll be pleased to know that at Smile Dental Implants, we’ve been able to keep our costs for specialist, and high quality dental implant treatment on par with what you’d be expected to pay for a lower quality treatment abroad. Plus, we offer a secure aftercare package, and a one year guarantee – something you won’t find overseas!

Our treatments and prices start from:

Dental Implants

1 implant and crown£2,300
2 implants and 3 tooth bridge£5,400
Full Arch – Lower (4 Implants & Bridge)£12,000+ (extra charges depending on need for temporary bridge)
Full Arch – Upper (6 Implants & Bridge)£15,000+ (extra charges depending on need for temporary bridge)
2 implants and full denture lower£5,500
4 implants and full denture upper£9,500
Bone graft per site£295-£695
Sinus graft per site£1000-£1200

General Dentistry

New Patient Consultation (includes small X-rays)£75
Routine Examination (includes small X-rays)£75
Implant Consultation (includes small X-rays)£75
Specialist Periodontist Consultation - 60 min (includes small X-rays)£160
CT Scan (per arch)£120
Hygienist - 30 min£75
Mouthguardsfrom £160

Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Fillingsfrom £120 - £250
Full Tooth Composite Bonding£250 - £300
Crowns or Veneersfrom £750
Invisalignfrom £2500
Clear Bracket Fixed Bracesfrom £2500
Tooth Whitening£350

Other Treatments

Root treatmentfrom £595
Re-root treatmentfrom £700
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